meet ashley

meet ashley

co-founder + creative director of @heyganza, working nights as @whoishazyjane  


signs: 🌞 taurus  🌝 aquarius 👆libra


what are non-beauty ways you practice self-care?

writing - whether it’s music or journaling. long walks and bike rides in the gorgeous neighborhoods of new orleans. i try to incorporate courses like @ouiwegirl’s culte la lune and books like the artist way to hold me accountable to a creative practice. i started exercising in my house using @melissawoodhealth and i feel stronger than ever.


something you love about your body?

my body has rhythm and it carries me. i love the way it moves and interacts with others — i have always felt very free and comfortable with taking up space, even when battling insecurities, and i'm thankful for that.


what song/album puts you in a good mood?

currently on repeat to pick myself up: future nostalgia by dua lipa, anything beyonce, and the abba radio on spotify.


fave accounts to follow for positivity and self-care?

@oxalisapothecary and @smokeperfume are two local ladies making great self-care products and i’m lucky to call them friends! @subliming.jpg is a fave. also @aurorajames, the founder of @brothervellies!


wildcard! fave disney channel original movie?

i read this question and screamed FUCK YES!!!! this is so hard, wow. it’s a tie between the cheetah girls and zenon and the thirteenth year. my teen self really to be a pop star, a space cadet or a mermaid. not much has changed.


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