meet erika

meet erika

singer, host of the “good morning, daaahling podcast”, founder of @thetasteofthetropics, and behind the lense of @morepolaroidsplease. a creative artist of many trades ✨


💫signs: cancer 🌞 leo 🌝 scorpio ☝🏾


🥰what are non-beauty ways you practice self-care? (think creative outlets, types of exercise, mental health practices)

self care requires me maintaining balance in my mind, body, and spirit. i start each morning journaling what i am grateful for in addition to meditation. i work out a few times a week with my trainer @_xrelite and always enjoy when i go all out for myself in the kitchen 💖


💕name something you love about your body & why?

it wasn’t until my 20s that i finally embraced my long stems and natural hair. i love the weather up here and how versatile these curls can be from a twist out to a pony puff to these booty length braids. also, these long legs come in handy when you need an item off the top shelf in the grocery store 😎



💿what song/album puts you in a good mood?

“lovely day” by bill withers always puts me in a good mood, i can sing along to mariah carey’s “daydream” album foreverrr , and creates my favorite playlists to work and dance to 💃🏾✨


✨fave accounts to follow for positivity and self-care?

i recently started participating in @londrelle ‘s weekly guided mediations , @wetheurban and @robhillsr provide me with life’s not so little reminders 🔑 , and (shameless plug) my good morning, daaahling fan talks in my insta stories serves up some delish positivi-tea 🍵


🎲 wildcard! which discontinued 90s/00s snack would you bring back?

dizzy grizzlies and dunkaroos 😩


follow erika @erikaflowers 🌿