meet thom

meet thom

web developer / computer science student that models


signs: libra sun, taurus moon, taurus rising (venus baby ❤️)


what are non-beauty ways you practice self-care?

i love to freewrite and do yoga. free writing helps me focus on areas that are bothering me, it also helps me create. yoga helps me relax my body and mind, it also allows me to appreciate my body.


something you love about your body?

i love my legs and my lips. my legs show how active i am, and my lips show my ancestral beauty.


what song/album puts you in a good mood?

KAYTRANADA’s 99.9% always puts me in the best mood!


fave accounts to follow for positivity and self-care?

@bitchesbehoesokayyyy because it’s funny, and we all need a laugh to pick us up, and sometimes it’s relatable 😂


wildcard! your 90s/00s celebrity teen crush?

omg lil romeo😂 i used to fan girl over his tv show


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