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1 | general info

What makes these better than traditional press-ons?

Drugstore press-on nails tend to be mass-printed onto cheap, plastic tips. Our nails are meticulously hand-painted with highly pigmented gels and the best quality gel tips, which makes them durable and rewearable!


What does each set include?

Each set in the permanent collection includes 24 press-on nails (this means you’ll have 14 back up nails!), a file, buffer, nail glue, adhesive tabs, wood stick, and instructions. *Sets in the 1:1 collection vary in number of nails provided (specific details are listed in the item description).


How long will my press-ons last?

It all depends on how you apply them and your lifestyle. Adhesive tabs last around a day or two. Nail glue usually lasts 1- 2 weeks, sometimes longer! (*you should take them off around the 2 week so bacteria doesn't get between the nail and the press-on!  


Are they durable?

Yes! You're not dealing with flimsy press-ons here. These are made out of sturdy gel and are designed to last. 


Can I shower or bathe while wearing my nails?

Yes, of course! Just wait at least 4 hours after applying nails so the glue can fully adhere.


Can I rewear my nails?

Yes! After removal with adhesive tabs, they can be reworn immediately. All you need to do is pull off any residue from the press-on before reapplying them. If you applied them with nail glue, carefully remove build up with an e-file before reapplying them.


Will they fit me?

10 sizes are included in every set so the odds are ever in your favor. You can file them easily to adjust them if needed. If you are worried about sizing, send a photo of your hand to hello@saintrosenail.co for help (Subject: Will nails fit?) 


Do you take custom orders?

At this time, we do not accept orders for custom nails.


When is the next design launching?

Members find out first! Be sure to sign-up for our newsletters to stay up-to-date with the latest news and product releases. 

2 | how to apply & remove


The best method for applying press-ons is a two part process: nail prep and application. *If this is your first time using press-ons, it can be tricky but you'll get the hang of it! Give yourself some time to apply and follow these instructions carefully:


Nail prep is KEY! Follow these steps for the longest wear possible:

  1. Wash your hands with soap to eliminate any surface oils from your nails and skin. If you have a nail brush, scrub under and over your natural nails for an extra deep clean.
  2. [Optional] Clip and/or file your natural nails to match the shape of your press-ons. Gently push back cuticles with the wooden pusher provided. Trim cuticles if necessary.
  3. Using the orange buffer included, lightly buff your natural nails to remove the shiny top layer.
  4. Wipe each nail with the alcohol wipe provided.

Got extra oily nails? After nail prep, you can apply a PH bond and primer for extra adhesion. This helps dehydrate the nail even more for extra grip. Allow PH bond and primer to fully dry before applying press-ons.


  1. Find your sizes! Press each tip firmly onto your naked nail and make sure the press-on covers (but does not go over) each nail from sidewall to sidewall. Each nail may be a different size so check every nail to insure a proper fit. Reshape sides if needed (usually not necessary). Lay out tips in order from thumb to pinky.
  2. Apply a nail tab or a thin layer of glue to your entire nail and place the press-on onto your nail, pushing slightly under your cuticle. Very firmly apply pressure for at least 10 seconds. The more pressure you apply and the longer you apply it, the better it will adhere.

Want to use glue & tabs together? Great idea! This technique makes the removal process super easy! 

How to: Apply the tab to your natural nail and add a dot of glue on top of the tab. Place the tip onto your nail and hold firmly for at least 10 seconds.


  • Do not let the nail glue touch your skin.
  • Do not apply too much glue. A thin layer of glue is all you need!
  • Keep hands out of water for 4 hours after application for the glue to fully dry. 


  • No glove, no love! Wear gloves when cleaning, especially when doing dishes or working with harsh chemicals.
  • If you need to adjust them, please use a fine file like the one included in your kit! Avoid clipping them as this breaks the seal that keeps the gel intact.
  • Remember your press-ons “jewels not tools,” and they are nail enhancements not replacements. Avoid using nails to pry things open, tear stuff apart, etc. to keep them looking prime! 


What am I doing wrong if my nails keep popping off?

1.  Make sure you're extra thorough your prep work and follow the instructions as closely as possible!

2.  If you are in between sizes and you can't decide which nail to choose, always choose the larger one and file to adjust (if the press-on is too small, it will pop off!)

Can I make them shorter?

Absolutely, however it can shorten the shelf-life depending on how much length is removed because the top-coat is compromised. Use a fine file, like a crystal file to adjust the length if needed. Avoid using clippers as it can fracture the nail.


With adhesive tabs, slowly pull off the tip in a parallel direction to your natural nails.

For press-ons applied with glue, soak the nails in hot (the hotter the better), soapy water for 10 minutes, then gently rock back and forth to loosen. *Note: We advise waiting at least 2 weeks before attempting to remove nails applied with nail glue. Never force remove the nails off, this can damage your natural nails.

If you have any residue on your natural nail after removal, gently buff it off with the buffer provided.

3 | return policy

Please visit our TERMS OF USE and read our Terms of Service carefully before purchasing from our website. By placing an order with us or using any part of the site, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service.  


What’s your return policy?

Due to our hygienic protocols, for your protection we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final. 


Can an order be cancelled? 

Unfortunately, orders that are final cannot be cancelled.


Can I cancel an order once it has shipped? 

Orders begin to ship almost immediately once processing begins and cannot be cancelled or modified. Saint Rose is not responsible for any shipping delays caused by discrepancies in service during transit – i.e., customs, weather, transfers from courier services to the local carrier in your country or air and ground transportation strikes, delays nor public holidays, any extra fees or back-end charges once the package has exited our warehouse.


Can I exchange an item if I have changed my mind, or isn't what I expected? 

We do not offer a return for change of mind. As per the Terms of Use and the returns policy, all sales are final.

Images shown online are for display purposes only. Due to our meticulous handmade manufacturing processes, handmade products may vary slightly from the pictures shown.


What should I do if my shipment was delayed?

Immediately contact the carrier if your tracking information says delayed. Typically this means additional information is needed to deliver your package. 

4 | orders

How does your ordering process work?

Easy! You place your order, we prepare and process it, and then we ship it! Ordering takes just a few minutes; processing will take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days.


What are the terms of use for placing orders with Saint Rose Nail Co.?

Please visit our TERMS OF USE and read it carefully before purchasing or using our website. By placing an order with us or using any part of the site, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service.  


Can I make any changes to my order?

Once your order is confirmed, it begins processing almost immediately so we are unable to make any changes after this time.  As we do not offer refunds, wrong orders cannot be exchanged. 


How can I check the status of my order?

Once your order is confirmed and on board for delivery, your tracking information will be emailed to you.


Didn't receive your confirmation email? 

Your item may not be packed yet, or you may need to check your spam inbox for any missed emails from us.


I just have a general question about my order, what do I do?

Shoot an e-mail to hello@saintrosenail.co with your order name and number. We presently cannot assist with order or general inquiries via Instagram DM.

5 | shipping

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

All dispatched orders will prompt an email notification that confirms shipment and contains your tracking link. Please check your spam inbox in case you have missed our confirmation email. 


How do I track my items? 

You will receive a tracking confirmation email once your item has been mailed out. The tracking link supplied in the email will provide you with all the information required to track your order. We are unable to offer any more information on the tracking of your parcel once it is in transit. If your item experiences a delay or missed delivery, check in with your local post office or contact our customer service team for support. 

We are unable to take responsibility for orders once they are shipped and are not liable for the service interruptions of third party shipping suppliers once an order has left our office.


Can I change my shipping address?

If you've entered an address incorrectly, it can be challenging for us to intercept this, given our shipping process takes place almost immediately. Therefore, we cannot replace, refund, or cancel orders that are lost due to an incorrect shipping address. If the package is unable to be delivered to the address provided, it will most likely be returned to us. Please be sure to fill in your shipping information carefully and accurately. If you are concerned your address was incorrect, contact our customer service.

 6 | terms of use



Other questions? E-mail hello@saintrosenail.co