The best method for applying press-ons is a two part process: nail prep and application. *If this is your first time using press-ons, it can be tricky but you'll get the hang of it! Give yourself some time to apply and follow these instructions carefully:


Nail prep is KEY! Follow these steps for the longest wear possible:

  1. Wash your hands with soap to eliminate any surface oils from your nails and skin. If you have a nail brush, scrub under and over your natural nails for an extra deep clean.
  2. [Optional] Clip and/or file your natural nails to match the shape of your press-ons. Gently push back cuticles with the wooden pusher provided. Trim cuticles if necessary.
  3. Using the orange buffer included, lightly buff your natural nails to remove the shiny top layer.
  4. Wipe each nail with the alcohol wipe provided.

Got extra oily nails? After nail prep, you can apply a PH bond and primer for extra adhesion. This helps dehydrate the nail even more for extra grip. Allow PH bond and primer to fully dry before applying press-ons.


  1. Find your sizes! Press each tip firmly onto your naked nail and make sure the press-on covers (but does not go over) each nail from sidewall to sidewall. Each nail may be a different size so check every nail to insure a proper fit. Reshape sides if needed (usually not necessary). Lay out tips in order from thumb to pinky.
  2. Apply a nail tab or a thin layer of glue to your entire nail and place the press-on onto your nail, pushing slightly under your cuticle. Very firmly apply pressure for at least 10 seconds. The more pressure you apply and the longer you apply it, the better it will adhere.

Want to use glue & tabs together? Great idea! This technique makes the removal process super easy! 

How to: Apply the tab to your natural nail and add a dot of glue on top of the tab. Place the tip onto your nail and hold firmly for at least 10 seconds.


  • Do not let the nail glue touch your skin.
  • Do not apply too much glue. A thin layer of glue is all you need!
  • Keep hands out of water for 4 hours after application for the glue to fully dry. 


  • No glove, no love! Wear gloves when cleaning, especially when doing dishes or working with harsh chemicals.
  • If you need to adjust them, please use a fine file like the one included in your kit! Avoid clipping them as this breaks the seal that keeps the gel intact.
  • Remember your press-ons “jewels not tools,” and they are nail enhancements not replacements. Avoid using nails to pry things open, tear stuff apart, etc. to keep them looking prime! 

    Check out our FAQ page for additional info & advice!